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20 May 2007 @ 03:28 pm
new icon journal; oh_suchbeauty

please; update affiliates, & add it.
09 May 2007 @ 08:30 pm
new layout + new profile + icons.
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27 April 2007 @ 01:31 pm

wow. so for my birthday, last wenesday, my parents gave me season one and season two of lost. and that kind of inspired me. a lot. actually, iti inspired me enough to make 148 icons, 44 banners, and 4 wallpapers.

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29 March 2007 @ 04:52 pm
woah made way too many dear frankie icons. but suprisingly, i've only iconed half of the movie so far, so watch out for another batch sometime soon.

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relatively small post. main reason being my paint shop pro has been spazzing out on me, particularly when using text. so i got creative and did most if not all of the icons w/ words like this.
yeah, it was pretty difficult, which is why there is only 36 Phantom icons and 25 Desmond Hume and 22 Gerard Butler. 83 icons in all. plus 13 Gerry, POTO and Desmond Banners.

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01 March 2007 @ 05:55 pm
hey, as of right now i'm trying to make icons for icons100 & elite100. I have a claim for Phantom of the Opera, Gerard Butler, and Desmond Hume from Lost, but I'm having a hard time deciding which pics to use. soooo, I've decided to let you help me choose!

reply to this post w/ your favorite picture or screencap of gerry, des, or phantom and i will love you for forever and a day. i'm supposed to have my first batch of icons done before this weekend so they sooner you guys post w/ pics the greater i shall love you.

for gerard butler pictures
so i've basically seen every picture of gerard butler there is out there, but i'm having trouble deciding which ones to use. so just post some of your favorites here. they can be of any of his photo shoots, appearances, or even from his movies.
places to find pics:

for desmond hume from lost
any pictures you might have of desmond would be great. or if you know what episodes have some good desmond moments in them, just let me know.
Henry Ian Cusick
cusick portal

for phantom of the opera
you can find a whole gallery of screencaps in the link below, but it's kind of a hassle to look through all 22 pages or so, so you can also just tell me like what scenes or something like that. :D
secret obsession cap gallery

and if you think this is totaly stupid, then oh well, i'll just find pics on my own. :D which i am totally capable of. i'm just extremely lazy. xP
i suck at posting icons when i make them. it frightens me actually. almost all of these icons are weeks old, i just never got around to posting them because it's just such a "daunting task" (alovelyfix's words on the subject :P ). so anyways here we have: interest icons, lost (from misc photoshoots & tricia tanauka is dead), pirates of the caribean, memoirs of a geisha, princess bride, relient k, gerard butler, emmy rossum, & johnny depp.

i really need to start focusing in on one fandom at a time.Collapse )
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05 March 2007 @ 03:06 pm

thanks to everyone! this has been so much fun to make icons for you guys! :D so to award you all for your outstanding-ness, i'm going to be making interest icons for the first 15 people that comment! i'm not really sure if anyone will do this, but i thought i'd try since i've been kinda low lately with inspiration. so comment away, you can do a request comment or just saying something random like "watermelons are delectable" will get you an interest icon or three. :D
25 February 2007 @ 09:02 pm
so. i was in an office mood today. thus, 24 various season one and two icons were made. :)

Chuck E. Cheese? Oh god, I'm so sick of Chuck E. Cheese.Collapse )

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24 January 2007 @ 04:14 pm
first of all: new layout. now that lost has started up again, i felt the need for a desmond themed layout. :D

next up: 60 lost icons. very random and weird. made these on three different days, which means three different moods and three different styles and three different colorings and yeah, hopefully you get the picture. most of them are of desmond. but there's some from "flashes before your eyes" and tons of just characters. stuff like that.

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up next: more lost and the prestige. :D